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    Gokyo Lakes and Renjo La Pass Trek in Himalayas

    I had a golden opportunity to trek the Gokyo Lakes and Renjo La Pass region in the Himalayas in Nepal, along with my sister and brother-in-law during October 2023. For this trek, we had booked through Nepal Hiking Team (NHT), and we were completely satisfied with our choice as we successfully completed the trek with their help. Sri Ganga Ji, the owner of NHT, was very professional. Before the trek, he was available for answering our queries through WhatsApp, and in fact, I even had a call session to get all my queries related to the trek answered. Ganga Ji was very patient and answered all my queries regarding preparation for the trek, payments, insurance, and more. He continued the same support after we arrived in Nepal, despite being very busy.

    After landing in Kathmandu, we were received by Paban, our trek guide, at the airport. Paban was there with us from that time onwards until we completed our Gokyo Lakes and Renjo La Pass trek and returned to Kathmandu. Paban did a great job as the trek guide and was very helpful throughout. At the start of the trek, we were stuck in Ramechhap for two days as the flights to Lukla got canceled due to bad weather. Paban managed to get us into a helicopter as an alternate option, as we insisted on getting to Lukla quickly. During our unexpected stay in Ramechhap for two nights, Paban also ensured that we got the required accommodations.

    During the trek, Paban answered all our questions patiently. He is well aware of all the top mountain peaks and all the terrain details in the Himalayas. He ensured that we had a smooth stay at all the places at night and regularly monitored our oxygen and pulse levels in the high-altitude places. Paban was very friendly and maintained a good professional relationship with all of us during the trek. During the early morning climb to Gokyo Ri, I had some challenges as I was feeling dizzy. Paban took good care of me until I recovered and could continue the trek. He even carried my bag to the top after ensuring that I was fit enough to complete the hike to the summit.

    Overall, we were all very satisfied and impressed with the service provided by Paban as a guide and definitely would recommend him as a guide for future trekkers. The two porter Sherpas, namely Lakman and Chandra, were also very nice, and I was amazed to see their ability to carry our luggage throughout the journey. A big shout of applause to them for their efforts, without which we wouldn't have had a great trek experience.

    Overall, we were all very happy with Nepal Hiking Team (NHT)'s support and service during the trek. The folks working there are professional and friendly, and I definitely recommend NHT as one of the best companies for Nepal treks. We look forward to doing one more Nepal trek with them in the near future.

    Bhyrav K Bhyrav
    - Excellent
    Mr. Bhyrav K Bhyrav
    IN   |   26th Oct 2023