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    Extraordinary Everest Base Camp Trek

    The team and staff at Nepal Hiking Team are amazing and very professional! I took this package for the Everest Base Camp Trek and I simply loved all of the time I spent there. The experience of mingling and communication with the people there and the locals was fun, and staying at the little hotels and guest houses was divine! The most spectacular thing about the whole trip was the views of the mountains that I got. The mountains ranges along the distance were lovely, and short trekking along the wide rivers was fun too. Slow hiking along the trail to the base camp of the world’s tallest mountain was everything I expected it would be. The people from Nepal Hiking Team were available to me at all times, and I did not have any serious problems along my trekking journey, everything on the trip was well-arranged and everybody followed the itinerary and completed the journey in the nick of time. I loved the vast expanses of foliages along the way, and the rivers that we trekked along with. The snows and the cold atmosphere on the higher places and the villages on the higher elevations provided an absolutely tranquil environment for me to do my lovely trekking journey in. Nepal Hiking Team is efficient and I trust them with my trips!


    - Excellent
    Mr. Robert Dallas
    US   |   7th Mar 2017