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    Big Adventure

    I had the chance to visit the Kathmandu valley two days in a row, because the people at the establishment made sure to make me a customized itinerary, and so, those two days in Kathmandu valley was such a blast! I had an absolutely swell time, and I bought lots of tiny little trinkets and totems from Thamel, it was amazing! After my tours of the Kathmandu Valley was done, a flight to Lukla was taken, and I loved the whole excitement everyone had while for the trek, and the excitement definitely rubbed off a lot on me too, and added to the brims of excitements that I was already feeling! At Lukla, I was so surprised to see that it was vastly different from Kathmandu. My first expectation of Lukla, without prior knowledge was that it would be similar to Kathmandu, but I was so wrong! Lukla, according to me, was nothing at all like Kathmandu, and there was a lot more trees and surroundings of green than in Kathmandu. And then, the trekking journey began and all along the trails leading to the base camp, I came across many villages, lovely beautiful trails, and I had a little detour (again, because of my ideal customized itinerary), to the lakes as well, on the region. And the monasteries and the gumbas of the Buddhist culture people was a nice respite from the trek. I had lovely time looking at the wonderful out-of-this-world views of the natural environments and the fact that I was one of the many people who could say that they actually had been to the top of the world was just stunning and I definitely did brag a lot about it when I got back home!

    The trekking journey is definitely unlike anything you will experience, and the blend of the Nepali culture, their hospitality and the religious aspects added so much to the trek. Along with the wonderful views of Everest, and all of the other wonderful mountains, the little tea houses that we had been accommodated at was also very pretty. It was a spring time during our visit, on the month of April, and the pretty flowers of the rhododendron looked so pretty!

    Nepal Hiking Team definitely made the trip flawless and conducted everything brilliantly, it was amazing!

    - Excellent
    Mr. Karmun Yeow
    AU   |   27th Feb 2017