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    An extraordinary adventure!

    I think I can easily say that the Mardi Himal trek was the trek of my life! It was one of the most impressive treks I had done. As an amateur mountaineer who had only had experiences with Alps, I always wanted to trek on the Himalayas. Starting off to a more traditional route with lots of ethnic settlements and secluded villages, Mardi Himal trek was perfect for someone like me. Sensational trip, the journey was everything I had expected it to be. The people were extremely friendly and attentive. I don’t think I have ever met anyone else who was as hospitable as the people there. I remember my guide Bal Kumar, would always look around the room in case we had forgotten something. He also always made sure that our food arrived on time and that everything I needed was on the table and he did not stop running around until I had what I needed and was satisfied! It was a refreshing change of scenery from where I am from because hospitality from people isn’t a priority here sadly. But Bal Kumar was well trained and seemed to know the area like the back of his hand!

    I had never booked a trip like this via the internet nor a local agency and always relied upon booking my trips from home. However, with Nepal Hiking Team, my experience, even from the initial communication and query, really made me change my mind. I got exactly what I had planned for and the commutations were done very promptly and fast with lots of information by Balaram and Ganga. I would definitely be using a local agency since by this; the money tends to stay in the country and helps to improve the Nepali tourism versus just being cashed in by any foreigner. The quality you get is at least the same if not much higher since they really know their country and combine the knowledge with services. Being picked up at the airport, I had nothing to worry about and had my full mind on enjoying my trip.

    With simple yet cozy lodges in the mountains, I had spent nights at a bunk bed near a window so I could look out into the vast white Himalayan wilderness. Gathering around the oven, I played cards with Bal Kumar and had rice dishes with traditional potato curry- it brings a smile to my face remembering that time! A simply fantastic trip and one of the most memorable times of my life! Nepal Hiking Team is now number one of my recommended travel agencies.

    - Excellent
    Mr. Anthony Joseph Borkowski
    US   |   25th Nov 2019