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    A grand experience of trekking to the Everest Base Camp

    I strongly go by my personal policy of choosing a local travel agent for the country of my visit. As they have more knowledge and experience of the country, they also have a direct contact with the local people- more so than other agents who tend to be international and not have as much experience. For my trip to Nepal, I started out with many local travel agents but ultimately decided to go with Nepal Hiking Team because of their prompt responses to my mails and queries, their website that has all the necessary and required information with easy navigation, their 5 star ratings and their high recommendations.

    I had a bit of a delay on arriving to the airport because of reasons, and when I did land at Kathmandu, Mr. Ganga was there waiting for me to arrange my hotel transfer. I stayed at the Gaju Suite Hotel in Kathmandu and I found that it was a decent hotel in the centre of the city.

    Mr. Ganga was of extreme help and assistance to me when asked about my hiking equipments and when asked about suggestions regarding my trek. He also helped me arrange my items and baggage, making sure that I had the essentials and making sure it wasn’t that heavy with things that I do not necessarily need for the trek. After checking, he even took me around the shops for purchasing the equipments that I did not have and arranged for the best prices for them as well. I was also given a clean and good-for-use Down Jacket and a sleeping bag for the trek as well, so I did not had to buy them. This was the moment that my conviction became concrete that I had made the right decision selecting Nepal Hiking team for my trip!

    I think I was extremely lucky for choosing NHT as my travel agent because the whole trip was conducted in the smoothest way with no problems at all during the entire 16 days. Everything was on schedule as planned, the weather was perfect and the views of the mountains and the Himals were extraordinary!

    My Guide, Kul bahadur, was the nicest person and was always willing to help to me. He made sure that my food were satisfactory and were prepared on time. He was always adjusting his trekking pace to suit my needs, he slowed down and helped when I was tired and needed a minute to collect myself again. Making sure that I was fine and not ill, Kul Bahadur was the most wonderful guide and generally a lovely person. My porter as well, Pashang, was energetic and a positive man whose company I quite enjoyed. He always brought my bags in advance to my room at the guesthouses.

    I really like NHT’s flexibility as well. Their arrangements for the tour is extremely flexible and I was able to adjust the tour’s pace to my convenience. When I arrived back to Kathmandu after my trek, I had asked Ganga for arranging a trip for two days to Pokhara as well, and it was arranged on the spot! Within hours of Ganga’s call, he managed to arrange the Pokhara tour with the flights, the hotel transfers, city tour, guide , driver, everything! I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect travel agent! Nepal Hiking Team’s professional streak and their perfect execution of the plans and the programs combined with excellent team members and guide, is one of the best out there. I strongly recommend Nepal Hiking Team! Thank You Ganga for a wonderful trip that was absolute perfection!

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    - Excellent
    Mr. Martin Mohsin
    BH   |   20th Apr 2017