Mani Rimdu Festival with Everest Base Camp Trek

  • Duration
    17 days
  • Trip Grade
  • Max Altitude
    5545 Meters
  • Group Size
    Min 1 Pax.

Trip Overview

The Mani Rimdu Festival with Everest Base Camp Trek is an exceptional experience in the Everest region of Nepal. Celebrate the auspicious festival of Sherpa community in one of the highest places in the earth. Mani Rimdu is a 19 day long festival, celebrated together with singing, dancing by Sherpa community. In this festival, you can observe the unique rituals, rites and formalities performed by the monks of different monasteries of the Everest region. With this trek, you can get a lot of texture of the Sherpa ethnic group and at the same time adore the Himalayas surrounding you.

Highlights of Mani Rimdu Festival with Everest Base Camp Trek

  • Mani Rimdu festival is celebrated to mark the formation of Buddhism by Guru Rinpoche.
  • Festival is a huge festivity celebrated with grand carnival, masked dances, songs and grand worship by the monks
  • People of all ages dress up in their new cultural dress and celebrate this festival with great joy.
  • The festival is revered to smother the evil presences and to raise the lives of the entirety of the individuals on the planet through rites and rituals performed by the monks.
  • Admire the profound work of monks through publicly displayed sand mandala. Preparation sand mandala takes years of hard work and concentration.
  • Observe series of religious festivities, ceremonies and a chance to meditate.

Why people celebrate Mani Rimdu festival?

All festivals has their own individual reasons to be celebrated. And in regards to festivals of Nepal, they all have their own purpose, meaning and god or deity the festival is dedicated to. In case of Mani Rimdu festival it is to remember the significant Buddhist preacher Guru Rinpoche. The name Mani Rimdu comes from “Mani” which is a word from the Buddhist praying chant and the word “Rimdu” is basically Rilbu in the Tibetan which signifies a little red pills that are honored during celebration. The festival is grandly celebrated to remember the formation of Buddhism. During the festival, many masked dances and rituals are performed. These dances and rituals are performed to chase off the demons or the bad spirits. Similarly, they pray for the betterment of the society and the world in general.

When is Mani Rimdu Festival celebrated in 2020?

The date of the Mani Rimdu celebration is fixed as per the Tibetan Lunar Calendar. The date is announced by the head monk of Tengboche monastery. The dates for the festival set as per the Tibetan Lunar Calendar. The date mostly falls on the 10th month of Tibetan Lunar Calendar. For the year of 2020, Mani Rimdu starts from 1st November to 3rd November 2020. To figure the date simple way, this celebration begins following Kojragat Purnima (The most recent day – fifteenth day of Bijaya Dashami or the full moon day in Dashain).

Furthermore, October and November which is autumn season is perfect time for trekking in Nepal as well. Large number of travelers enter Nepal during this season. The weather during this time is moderate and skies are clearer than ever thus you will be blessed with clear mountain views. Lastly, the ambience during this month is just beautiful.

How difficult is Mani Rimdu Festival with Everest Base Camp Trek?

It is a moderate level of trek so we wouldn’t necessarily say that it is an easy and comfortable trek however it is not strenuous journey as well. If you are fit enough to walk for 4 to 5 hours on a daily basis then you shall not have any problems to approach the trek. Besides, it is a 17 day long journey in which you will be in the trek for almost 14 day. Therefore, when trekking on the Himalayan trails that escalates more than 3000meter then it is important to remember that rushing will not take you closer to your destination. It will only suffer you through mountain sickness. Moreover, in this journey you have acclimatization days for you to adapt with the surroundings.

All things considered, it is medium level of trek in the highly elevated area so it is important to stay hydrated and not rush the trek. Besides, prior preparations, training and physical exercise will be a plus point for this journey. 

Is this trek right for me?

If you truly want to experience Mani Rimdu festival, then there is no doubt that it isn’t the right trek for you. However, if you are looking for something more adventurous at the same time want to attend this magnificent festival then, our expert team will help you to customize a perfect journey for you. If you want to add Gokyo Lake with Mani Rimdu festival in your journey then no worries, we are here to fully assist you. 

Mani Rimdu Festival with Everest Base Camp Trek is an incredible journey. It is a whole package where you really get to indulge in to the festivity celebrated by the Sherpa ethnic community at the same time admire the wonderful creation of the Mother Nature. This 17 day long journey is fulfilling and completely fun trek. This trek is a chance to experience magnificent beauty of the Himalayas of Nepal and emerge yourself into a Himalayan lifestyle.

In the auspicious occasion of Mani Rimdu, you will get to see cheerful side of the whole village. Everybody of the Khumbu region will gather at the nearest monasteries who is hosting the event in their finest cultural attire. At the monasteries, people will gather and start their series of rituals. Masked dancers will present you a meaningful act of winning over the demons and the evil spirits. The beautiful robes of the priests and intricately embellished veils fill the patios of the monastery. Numerous ceremonies will be organized which will give an idea about Himalayan festivals and the nature behind it.

Moreover, the Mani Rimdu Festival with Everest Base Camp Trek begins with exhilarating mountain flight to Lukla. This trek is not only about being part of an important festival of Everest region. It is also about a delightful journey in the Himalayas amidst the mighty pinnacles. You will be tracing your journey through the astounding trans- Himalayan landscapes of remarkable Sagarmatha National Park. Moreover, you will likewise visit brilliant towns like Namche Bazaar and Tengboche. Among the three popular places of Everest region that holds Mani Rimdu festival, you will take part in the festival at the Tengboche monastery.  In addition, you will be encircled by various Himalayas of the Khumbu valley specifically Mount Everest and many neighboring peaks. The serene climate of the Himal makes certain to overwhelm you with its luring excellence!

Come along with us and be a part of this grand ceremony to witness the best cultural phenomena of renowned Sherpa community of Nepal.

Itinerary Expand all


You may arrive at Kathmandu at any time. You will be welcomed by one of our airport representative. He will help you get transferred to your hotel. Further details about the plans and programs will also be provided. Overnight at Hotel.


The Kathmandu valley has one of the densest concentrations of heritage sites. The Kathmandu city alone holds four heritage sites that are listed under the UNESCO World Heritage Sites List. The tour will start late in the morning and you will visit the heritage sites of the city that includes the Temple of Pashupatinath, the Bouddhanath Stupa, the Swayambhunath Temple and the Kathmandu Durbar Square. All of these sites are revered by the people of the city and the religious places are held in high regards by the Hindu and the Buddhist people. The Durbar Square of Kathmandu holds many old palaces, buildings, temples and statues from medieval times. The buildings are built in unique Nepali architecture and contain amazing wood-crafting, stone masonry, metal works and intricate carvings done on their doors and windows. Pashupatinath is considered the most sacred temple of Lord Shiva and the cremation ceremony of the Hindus can be seen along the Bagmati’s river bank. Bouddhanath is the largest Buddhist Mandala in the world and the Swayambhunath- located atop a hill, is a temple sacred to both the Hindu and the Buddhist people. The heritage sites provide good insight into Nepal’s history and it’s past. They are great carriers of the country’s cultural and religious tenor. After the tour, you will return back to the hotel. Overnight stay at the Hotel. Meals: Breakfast included.


From Kathmandu, a flight to Lukla commences the trek. The Lukla flight is one of the most dramatic short flights in the world. The Lukla Airport itself is located on a hill and contains a single runway that drops off towards its end to the deep gaping valley below. Surrounded by tall mountains and jaded hills, the airstrip at Lukla is quite fascinating and the flight is deemed as a little thrilling adventure in itself. Upon arriving at Lukla, the change in the scenery is immediately felt. The mountainous landscape becomes quite prominent and the air carries a crisp freshness to it that only Himalayan atmosphere carries. From Lukla, the trekking trail slowly moves towards the Cheplung Village. View of the sacred Mount Khumbila from the village at Cheplung is beautiful. From there, a gradual walk downwards leads to the village of Phakding. The terrain is amazing and tall hills surround the trail like giant mounds of emeralds. From Phakding, the sight of the Kusum Kangraru Mountain can be seen. The village of Phakding lies in the Dudh Koshi River valley north of Lukla and contains many guesthouses and lodges that cater to tourism and trekkers. Overnight stay at the Guesthouse. Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner included.


After breakfast at Phakding, the trail further opens out to reach the celebrated mountain town of Namche Bazaar. En route to Namche, several smaller villages are crossed, like Jorsale and Monjo. Monjo lies north of Phakding and is the entry point of the Sagarmatha National Park. The trail ventures through the national park and finally arrives at Namche. Walking along the trekking route through the Sagarmatha National Park presents many virtues, like its alpine woods, small rivers and brooks and deciduous forests. Thick acreages of Pine and Cedar cover the lands and provide a pleasant atmosphere to trek through. Namche Bazaar, because of its strategic location, is the commercial hub of the Khumbu region. It is located on a mountain side and views of the Thamserku Peak and the Kongdi RI Himal from here are amazing. Overnight stay at the Guesthouse. Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner included.


Namche is a great place to acclimatize. The sights around Namche are spectacular and beautiful. After breakfast, you can visit the Syangboche Airstrip that lies on a hill above the town. From here, you can get panoramic view of Namche and can see amazing sights of the Himalayas as well. Further from Namche lies the Everest View Hotel. The hotel is the highest located hotel in the world and provides view of Mount Everest and many other Himalayan peaks from all of its windows. Back at Namche, you can visit the Everest Photo Gallery and the Sherpa Culture Museum as well. Overnight stay at the Guesthouse. Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner included.


An easy trail from Namche opens out towards the Dudh Koshi Valley at the settlement of Phungki Thanka. From the settlement, the views of Mount Everest are magnificent. Following the trail that marches along the right side of the Dudh Koshi River, the village of Tengboche is reached. The journey from Namche to Tengboche is filled with amazing natural scenery of rivers, hills and Himalayan peaks. The village of Tengboche is located at the confluence of the Dudh Koshi and the Imja Khola Rivers and is surrounded by tall hills that are covered in rhododendron trees.

The village is also famous for Tengboche Monastery, the largest monastery of the Khumbu region. The monastery is a hamlet from where the sight of Mount Ama Dablam, Mount Everest and numerous other peaks are beautiful to look at. The Tengboche Monastery is also regarded as the spiritual hub of the Khumbu region and is surrounded by forests that are inhabited by Impeyan Pheasants and eagles.

This is the place where the celebration of the Mani Rimdu Festival will take place. You might also see the preparations of the festivals in full swing at the monastery by the monks, like the construction of the Sand Mandala- which is constructed using colored sand to build complicated and symbolic designs. Overnight stay at the Guesthouse. Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner included.


Today, you will visit the Tengboche Monastery to witness the celebration of the fabled Mani Rimdu Festival. There are many rituals and steps in the celebration of the holy festival. The Wong is the opening day of the public ceremony. It is performed on the full moon day, of the tenth month in the Tibetan lunar calendar. The sacred Mani Rilwu (sacred or blessed pills) and Tshereel (pills for long life), are given to everyone attending. There are ritualistic dances by the monks that symbolize the triumph of good over evil. There are also rituals where the lamas and monks of the monastery done on colorful robes and traditional Sherpa costumes to depict various legends and myths. The tinkling sound of the cymbals and the steady beating of the drums fill the air. The monks also chant prayers and the atmosphere is generally turned into a lively gathering of colorful robes, enchanting prayers and amazing cultural display. Many local Sherpa people along with tourists attend to witness the celebration. After witnessing the celebration of the Mani Rimdu Festival, you will return back to the guesthouse. Overnight stay at the Guesthouse. Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner included.     


The trekking trail crosses the Imja River via a suspension bride and moves towards the village of Dingboche. Along the way, the village of Pangboche is passed. Dingboche is called the “Summer Valley” of the Khumbu and contains a kilometer long wall built to protect the village’s crops from the cold winds that descends down the Imja Valley. Dingboche, as the name reflects, receives more sun too. Graceful views of Lhotse, the Ama Dablam and the Island Peak from Dingboche are quite amazing. Overnight stay at the Guesthouse. Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner included.


Dingboche is also a great village for acclimatizing. A hike to Nagerjun is a great way to spend time at Dingboche. Nagerjun is located at the height of 5100 meters and lies just above Dingboche on a hill at the edges of the Chhukung valley. The hike is uphill and steep, and requires a bit of a strenuous energy. Walking for approximately 3-4 hours, we will reach Nagerjun from where marvelous panorama of Lobuche East (6119m), Lobuche West (6145m), Kangtega (6685m), Taboche Peak (6367m), Thamserku (6608m), and the Ama Dablam (6856m) can be seen. If you are lucky, you can also spot stunning sights of Mount Makalu, the world’s fifth tallest peak on a clear day. The view of the Pheriche Valley from here is also splendid. Returning back to Dingboche is also very beautiful. After finishing our lunch, we can take a rejuvenating sunbath and relax at the village. Overnight stay at the Guesthouse. Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner included.


Making our way to Dhungla from Dingboche, you will come across the Trekkers Aid Post- situated at Pheriche (4210m). It is run by the Western Volunteer Doctors and assisted by The Himalayan Rescue Association. The aid post helps in the treatment of trekkers. The Chupki Lhara is then reached. It is a rock-strewn oblique from where sight of magisterial mountains can be seen. The path follows further down to the Khumbu Glacier moraine from there. The views of mountain peaks like Khumbutse, the Mahalangur Himal, Lingtren and the Pumori from the moraine are amazing. Mount Nuptse also looms up ahead once the glacier pass is crossed. We shall then check into our guesthouse at Lobuche for the night. Overnight stay at the Guesthouse. Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner included.

Day 11 - 06 NOV 2020: LOBUCHE - EVEREST BASE CAMP (5364M/17594FT) - GOREKSHEP (DISTANCE: 14-15 KM) 8 HOURS

An anticipated day of the trip, it will commence with a slow walk. Avoiding altitude sickness, a slow walk further on from Lobuche runs alongside the sight of the world’s highest glacier- the Khumbu Glacier, to the right. Walking for about 2-3 hours from Lobuche, we will get to Gorakshep (5181m/16994ft), a tranquil location dotted with some lodges. From here, the path moves all the way to the top of the edge, finally arriving at the Everest Base Camp. Here, the sight of the Khumbu Icefall and the view of the Khumbutse and Lingtren mountains are quite heavenly. After spending some time at the base camp enjoying the sights and the environment, we shall return back to Gorakshep. Overnight stay at the Guesthouse. Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner included.

Day 12 - 07 NOV 2020: GORAKSHEP - KALA PATHAR (5545M/18188FT) - PHERICHE (4210M) (DISTANCE: 13-14 KM) 7 HOURS

An early morning hike to Kalapatthar from Gorakshep is another highlight of the trip. Kalapatthar is a famous vantage point popular for providing panoramic views of Mount Everest, Nuptse, Chagatse, Lhotse and the Pumori among many other peaks. Hike to Kalapatthar is done early at dawn because the sight of the rising sun seen from the vantage point is absolutely amazing. The sun rises from amidst the Mount Everest Mountains and it changes the color of the mountains from silver to gold. After spending time at Kalapatthar, we will return to Gorakshep and walk down to Pheriche. Overnight stay at the Guesthouse. Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner included.


The trail follows the Imja River again all the way to Tengboche. From Tengboche, we will move down towards Phungki Thanka, pass the Kyangjuma and reach Namche. It is a relaxing hike back and the sight of the landscape and the Himalayas can be enjoyed pleasantly. The villages are also lively with people and you can observe their customs and activities as you pass through. Overnight stay at the Guesthouse. Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner included.


The hike back to Lukla follows a trail that moves steeply downwards and crosses a suspension bridge. Chortens, prayer flags, Mani-stone walls and small Gompas line the villages and the trail. The Dudh Koshi River gushes by and adds a beautiful ambiance to the natural setting. Open plains, pine and rhododendron forests as well as snow covered peaks decorate the beautiful picturesque settings. As we reach Lukla, we can just relax. In the evening, we may celebrate the victory of accomplishing the trek as well.  Overnight stay at the Guesthouse. Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner included.

Day 15 - 10 NOV 2020: LUKLA TO KATHMANDU

A 30-minute flight back to Kathmandu from Lukla ends the trekking part of the journey. You can revel in the changing sights of the landscapes one last time while on the flight. After landing in the Kathmandu airport, you will be transferred to the Hotel where you shall stay overnight. Meals: Breakfast included.


On this day, you can proceed to relax and can have another tour of the city or go shopping at the hub of “all things-tourist” at Thamel. Overnight stay at the Hotel. Meals: Breakfast included.

Day 17 - 12 NOV 2020: FAREWELL

The airport representative from Nepal Hiking Team will transport you to Kathmandu International Airport around 3 hours before your scheduled flight from where you will depart. Meals: Breakfast included

Cost Includes

  • All ground transport in a private vehicle including airport transfers
  • Four nights’ accommodation with breakfast at a 3-star category hotel in Kathmandu
  • Kathmandu city tours, including all entry fees, tour guide and private transportation
  • Three daily meals with tea/coffee (breakfast, lunch and dinner) during the trek
  • Best available twin sharing lodge for accommodation during the trek. Private bathrooms with hot showers are provided at Phakding, Namche and Lukla
  • Snacks of seasonal fruits during the trek
  • One highly experienced, helpful and friendly guide. Porters (1 porter for 2 people) and their food, accommodation, salary and equipment. Accident insurance for all staff
  • Round trip flight Kathmandu – Lukla / Lukla – Kathmandu including departure taxes
  • Down jacket and sleeping bag use while trekking
  • Duffle bag for trekking
  • Trekking map and trip achievement certificate
  • First aid medicine kit
  • Sagarmatha National Park Permit fee
  • TIMS Fee- Trekkers' Information Management System (Please bring 2 passport size photos for permit)
  • Government taxes & office service charge

Cost Excludes

  • Meals not specified in the 'Meal Inclusions' in the above itinerary
  • Personal Travel insurance
  • International airfare
  • Nepal entry visa. You can obtain a visa easily upon your arrival at Tribhuwan International Airport in Kathmandu. A multiple-entry tourist visa good for 30 days can be obtained by paying US $ 40 or equivalent in foreign currency. Similarly, multiple-entry tourist visas for 90 days can be obtained by paying US $ 100. Please bring 2 passport-size photos.
  • Soft drinks including water
  • Snacks and other personal expenses
  • Hot showers during the trek except when in Phakding, Namche and Lukla
  • Personal trekking equipment
  • WiFi internet and phone call unless its free.
  • Tips and gratuities for trekking staff and drivers

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Start Dates are your arrival date in Nepal and End Dates are the returning date from Nepal.

The set departure dates listed are specially quoted and specified for group joining option. Let us know if the set departure dates are not suitable for you- another dates which are suitable for you can certainly be added by us.

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Robert Jacob Hershey , United States

The first time when I saw the Everest massif from Kalapatthar is something that I will never forget. Of course, the entire experience does impact the way I enjoyed the mountain views and the cultural experience in Nepal, and in my case, my experience was simply the best.

I chose the EBC with Mani Rimdu Festival Trek with Nepal Hiking Team after countless hours of browsing packages on their website. I was looking for a trek that offered me something different than the regular route, and I though experiencing the Mani Rimdu Festival was a great idea with trekking to Everest base camp.

My guide for the journey was Ram Hari Adhikari, a great enthusiastic aficionado of the Everest trails. My bedroom in the guesthouses always had great Himalayan views, my journey was well-managed in terms of time and my knowledge of the Sherpa culture and of the wonderful festival was made a hundred times better all because of Ram Hari, as without him, I am sure that trip would not have been the same. With a warm welcome from the airport all the way to the time of my departure back home, the Nepal Hiking Team staffs were extremely helpful and kind, always extending their hand to make sure that I was comfortable, and enjoying my trip. It was great to experience the renowned Nepali hospitality as my agency concretely solidified this attribute always associated with Nepal.

My experience with NHT was one of the unforgettable ones. It was, in the simplest of terms, the best time I had of my life. The care they provided in my journey, the amount of safety that I felt and the way everything was arranged made the trip a hassle-free event. I enjoyed the Khumbu’s beauty and its cultural riches with a trusted companion in Ram Hari. My journey was filled with natural beauty and Himalayan vistas, but at the same time, it was also filled with good lodges, good food, good companionship and the best overall time. Nepal Hiking Team really goes over and beyond with their services. The best travel agency in all of Nepal!