Manaslu Circuit Trek

  • Duration
    17 days
  • Trip Grade
  • Max Altitude
    5106 Meters
  • Group Size
    Min. 2 Pax
  • Best Time
    March - May & Sept - Nov

Trip Overview

If you’ve ever wanted to trek in the Himalayas while enjoying spellbinding, crowd-free views of the eighth highest mountain in the world, consider embarking upon Nepal’s Manaslu Circuit Trek. This is one of the country’s best hidden gems, passing through the wild landscapes of the Manaslu Valley and ascending from lush jungles to high-altitude mountain passes. The unique environment of the Manaslu region represents a veritable cornucopia of pristine natural beauty and biodiversity. This is the Manaslu Conservation Area, a protected reserve where keen birders can spot more than one hundred different species across multiple forest and alpine habitats. The conservation area is also home to large mammals like the musk deer, Himalayan tahr, blue sheep, and notoriously elusive snow leopard. When you add in the spectacular mountain panoramas around every corner, it’s easy to see why the Manaslu Trek is regarded as one of the best hikes in all of Nepal.

While the long ridges and glaciated valleys of Manaslu dominate the skyline during this entire two-week itinerary, there are plenty of other things to see along the trail. The Manaslu Trek passes through several villages inhabited by the region’s major ethnic groups: Nubri, Tsum, and Gurung. Soti Khola, Samdo, and Namrung are just a few of the settlements you’ll explore during the Manaslu Circuit Trek. Traditionally, residents of these towns have practiced lifestyles based on agriculture and livestock; these days, they also cater to trekking tourism. These villages now make it possible for you to enjoy comfortable teahouse accommodation each night, which will come as a welcome relief at the end of a long day’s trek. Staying in local villages also gives you the chance to get an intimate look at cultural practices that have remained unchanged for centuries. For example, the Tsum people have retained their own regionally distinct dialect and traditions.

That these authentic personal encounters are still possible can be attributed in large part to the relative obscurity of the Manaslu Circuit Trek. This trail still represents an off-the-beaten path adventure for travelers who want to experience the Himalayas as they have existed for hundreds of years. As you trek in the 8,000-meter shadow of Manaslu and round a turn in the path to discover yet another timeless pastoral scene, you may begin to feel as though you’ve stepped back in time. But you’ll need a helping hand to fully understand this fascinating region. By choosing Nepal Hiking Team as your trekking partner, you’ll secure the company of a guide who can help you to get the most out of your experience on the Manaslu Trek. Your guide can interpret local customs and traditions to help you connect with local people and their enduring way of life in these remote mountains.

Highlights of the Trek

One of the most spectacular viewpoints on the Manaslu Trek is the sweeping Himalayan panorama you’ll enjoy from the high-altitude pass of Larkya La. Situated at over 5,000 meters, the pass looks out across the peaks of Himlung Himal, Cheo Himal, Kang Guru, and Annapurna II. For many travelers, this is both the literal and figurative high point of their entire trekking career. Of course, more great views can be found elsewhere on the trek: the villages of Namrung and Samagaon are particularly excellent vantage points. But the Manaslu Circuit Trek has more to offer than mountain scenery alone. Ribung Gompa, the region’s most well-known monastery, can be found in the trailside village of Lho Gaun. Inside, you’ll discover a colorful collection of religious artwork. You may even have the opportunity to watch young monks at their lessons. These are just a few highlights of your Manaslu trekking adventure, but they represent the combination of natural splendor and cultural vitality that characterizes this exciting part of Nepal.

Is the Manaslu Circuit Trek Difficult?

We consider the Manaslu Circuit Trek to be one of the more strenuous packages offered by Nepal Hiking Team. You’ll reach a maximum altitude of approximately 5,106 meters, where the air is much thinner than it is at sea level and physical exertion becomes more difficult. However, our carefully crafted itinerary has built in all of the time you need to acclimatize to the high elevation of the Manaslu region.

Our professional guides will also ensure that you are trekking at an appropriate pace, resting frequently, and staying hydrated. You should be in reasonably good physical condition before starting this itinerary, but you don’t need to be a professional athlete. Regular cardiovascular exercise, such as walking, running, and swimming, will help prepare you for the steep slopes of the Manaslu Trek. By partnering with Nepal Hiking Team, you can make your dream of completing this adventurous trek come true.

Best Time of Year for the Manaslu Trek

The trekking seasons in Nepal are largely dictated by the persistent rains of the summer monsoon and the heavy snows of winter. While it’s possible to enjoy the Manaslu Circuit Trek during these parts of the year, most travelers prefer to visit during two of the more comfortable seasons. The first option is to trek during the spring, which runs from March to May. You’ll benefit from pleasant hiking weather and good views; Manaslu itself is especially impressive at this time of year, still cloaked in the snows of winter. Springtime also brings rhododendron blooms to the forested hillsides, transforming the entire trek into a photographer’s delight. A second option is to undertake the Manaslu Trek during autumn, which occurs between September and November. Now that the monsoon has passed, this time of year rewards trekkers with crisp mountain views, cool weather, and fewer crowds.

Is the Manaslu Circuit Trek Right for Me?

The Manaslu Circuit Trek begins at the town of Soti Khola, which is only accessible by road. This means that you won’t have to worry about costly internal flights, and you’ll get a unique glimpse of Nepal’s countryside during the drive from Kathmandu. Once you get started, you’ll quickly discover that this trek is also very much off the beaten path: the region was first opened to tourism as recently as 1991. While you’re sure to see at least a few other trekkers, there’s a real sense of exploring the Himalayas as they have existed since time immemorial.

And thanks to the itinerary we’ve carefully developed here at Nepal Hiking Team, your route on the Manaslu Trek is not a loop. This makes every day feel new and exciting, because you’re never obliged to retrace your own steps. This is a truly grand adventure, following an old trading route through the remote Himalayas alongside the winding watercourse of the Budhi Gandaki River. If this sounds like your cup of tea, don’t hesitate to reach out to us today!

Itinerary Expand all

Day 01 - Arrival at the Tribhuvan International Airport, Kathmandu

Welcome to Nepal’s colorful and exciting capital city, Kathmandu! Upon your arrival at Tribhuvan International Airport, you’ll be greeted by a representative from Nepal Hiking Team and transferred to your hotel in town. You’ll have the opportunity to discuss your upcoming itinerary in detail to address any lingering questions you might have, but there are no other scheduled activities for today. Spend the evening at your leisure, enjoying the diverse shopping and dining options in the busy tourist neighborhood of Thamel. You’ll spend the night at your Kathmandu hotel.

Day 02 - Kathmandu Valley Sightseeing Tour

Enjoy a relaxed breakfast at your hotel this morning before embarking on a cultural tour of Kathmandu. This is one of the world’s great historic capitals, where a tremendous sense of history permeates each of its architectural and religious wonders. Everywhere you look in Kathmandu, you’ll find opulent palaces, priceless paintings, and ancient sculptures. We’ll visit several attractions recognized as UNESCO World Heritage sites today, including the Hindu temple complex of Pashupatinath and the former royal palace at Kathmandu Durbar Square. You’ll also get the chance to visit the enormous Boudhanath and Swayambhunath stupas: larger-than-life religious monuments held to be sacred by adherents of Buddhism and Hinduism alike. Make sure to visit some of the local markets to shop for handmade souvenirs and last-minute trekking supplies. When you’ve finished touring the city, you’ll return to your hotel to spend the night. Today’s breakfast is included.

Day 03 - Drive from Kathmandu to Soti Khola (710m/2328 ft.); Distance: 140 km, Duration: 8 hours

You’ll get an early start on today’s cross-country drive to the town of Soti Khola. Your guide will pick you up at approximately 8:00 AM to begin this scenic trip, which takes approximately eight hours to reach your destination. This is a great opportunity to get a closer look at Nepal’s varied landscapes as you travel paved roads alongside terraced fields and forested hillsides. After reaching the headquarters of the Dhading District, you’ll continue on an unpaved road to the settlement of Aarughat. This is a good place to stop and stretch your legs before pushing on to make the final stretch to Soti Khola, which takes another hour and a half. When you arrive, make the most of the remaining daylight to enjoy the incredible views from Soti Khola’s steep hills before sitting down to dinner. You’ll spend the night at a local guesthouse; today’s breakfast, lunch, and dinner are included.

Day 04 - Soti Khola to Machha Khola (900m/2952ft); Walking Distance: 14.2 km, Duration: 5-6 hours

Today’s trail begins by undulating gently through verdant woodland, leading you upstream alongside the Budhi Gandaki River. This waterway courses down from Manaslu itself; you’ll climb a ridge above its turbulent waters to gain a fantastic view of the entire river valley. On the way back down, you’ll traverse a wide, sandy riverbed before joining a winding mountain path overlooking the river. The scenery here is particularly gorgeous, with green rice paddies and cascading waterfalls. Continuing on, you’ll pass through the Gurung settlement known as Labubesi before reaching your stopping point for today: Machha Khola. You’ll spend the night at a village guesthouse; breakfast, lunch, and dinner today are included.

Day 05 - Machha Khola to Jagat (1340m/4395ft); Walking Distance: 22.2 km, Duration: 5-6 hours

Today is a day of many river crossings. You’ll begin by leaving Machha Khola after breakfast, following a narrow trail and crossing the Tharo Khola. On the other side of this river, the trail ascends and descends alternately before passing through the village of Khorlabesi and arriving at the Tatopani hot springs. From here, a short climb along a forested ridge will lead you to a suspension bridge spanning the Budhi Gandaki. Follow a steep set of stairs on the opposite bank to locate your next river crossing: a suspension bridge over the Yaru Khola. After traversing this bridge and ascending another staircase, you’ll cross to the west bank of the Budhi Gandaki and follow the watercourse to reach the village of Jagat. All along the way, you’ll notice that the landscape changes dramatically as you steadily gain elevation. You’ll spend the night in one of the pleasant guesthouses here in Jagat. Today’s breakfast, lunch, and dinner are included.

Day 06 - Jagat to Deng (2095m/6871ft); Walking Distance: 20 km, Duration: 8-9 hours

Enjoy an early breakfast this morning before leaving the sleepy little town of Jagat; there’s a lot of ground to cover on today’s agenda. Your trail first climbs a valley to the quaint village of Sirdibas, where you’ll find scenic streets lined with traditional stone-built homes. You can also get a great view of the Sringi Himal range from here; its highest peak is the mountain called Chamar. After admiring the view, you’ll descend to the Budhi Gandaki and cross a long suspension bridge to pick up the trail leading to Philim. This is a larger Gurung village surrounded by beautiful terraced fields. You’ll continue through Philim, passing by impressive waterfalls as you move through the river valley. Just past the settlement of Ekle Bhatti, you’ll return to the Budhi Gandaki and use suspension bridges to cross the river twice more. You’ll trek through the village of Pewa and continue through the valley past a small campsite before finally reaching today’s destination: Deng. This is a very small town with great views and lots of hospitality; you’ll overnight in a comfortable guesthouse here. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner today are included.

Day 07 - Deng to Namrung (2900m/9512ft); Walking Distance: 19.4 km, Duration: 5-6 hours

Today’s trek begins with a river crossing and a steep ascent through lush greenery. Traveling westward, you’ll enjoy sweeping valley views and pass through a few small villages. As the trail continues, you’ll begin to see mani stones along the path. Each stone is inscribed with a Buddhist mantra and is an indication that you’re now entering a region influenced by Tibetan culture. Consider stopping for lunch in the nearby village of Prok; you’d be hard-pressed to find a better spot to take your meal while reveling in outstanding views of the Sringi Himal. After lunch, you’ll cross the Budhi Gandaki a few more times and follow the river to the village of Namrung. You’ll know that you’re getting close when the dense forest starts to thin out and the trail begins its final ascent to Namrung. You’ll spend the night in a guesthouse here. Today’s breakfast, lunch, and dinner are included.

Day 08 - Namrung to Lho Gaun (3180m/10430ft); Walking Distance: 10.5 km, Duration: 5-6 hours

You might be tempted to linger over breakfast this morning; on a clear day, Namrung offers splendid views of the Sringi Himal and Ganesh Himal. You might also spot Himalchuli to the south, which at over 7,000 meters is one of the mightiest peaks of the Mansiri Himal range. Once you leave town, you’ll hike along a forested trail to reach the picturesque village of Lihi. This is a pleasant spot to take a break; the town is surrounded by terraced fields and pine-clad hills dotted with chortens and colorful prayer flags. Continuing past Lihi, you’ll keep ascending through the forest to reach the village of Lho Gaun. Best known for its hilltop monastery, Ribung Gompa, Lho Gaun also offers extraordinary views of Manaslu and Ngadi Chuli (sometimes called Peak 29). From town, a small detour to the nearby Pungen Glacier will reward you with stunning up-close views of Manaslu. You’ll return to Lho Gaun to spend the night in a local guesthouse; today’s breakfast, lunch, and dinner are included.

Day 09 - Lho Gaun to Samagaon (3500m/11480ft); Walking Distance: 8.1 km, Duration: 6-7 hours

Departing Lho Gaun, you’ll earn spectacular mountain views as you ascend steadily to reach a plateau, where you’ll come across the village of Shyala. Cross a ridge here before descending to a rocky moraine leading to Pungen Glacier. From here, your path continues to the pastoral settlement of Samagaon. Regarded by many travelers as the most beautiful village on the entirety of the Manaslu Circuit Trek, Samagaon’s slate-roofed, stone-built houses are clustered beneath some of the biggest peaks in the region. If the weather is clear, the village enjoys remarkable views of Manaslu. There are a handful of cozy guesthouses in this little village; you’ll spend the next two nights at one of them. Today’s breakfast, lunch, and dinner are included.

Day 10 - Acclimatization Day at Samagaun

Today is set aside for acclimatization; as you ascend to higher altitudes with less oxygen in the atmosphere, your body needs time to adapt. For the same reason, our itineraries are designed to embrace a well-known trekking maxim: climb high, sleep low. However, there are a few interesting sights to see around Samagaon that can easily keep you busy for the day. One option is to visit the Pungyen Gompa, a monastery located near the village of Sama. You can also trek past Sama to reach Birendra Tal, a glacier-fed lake famous for its turquoise waters. The Buddhist guru and saint Milarepa is said to have meditated in a cave north of the lake; ask your guide to help pinpoint its location.

If you’re up for a more challenging hike, you can make a full-day excursion to Manaslu Base Camp instead. The camp is located at 4,750 meters, and the round trip from Samagaon takes approximately seven or eight hours. Of course, you can always just kick back in Samagaon and enjoy the day at your leisure. Watching the town’s traditionally attired villagers going about their day against a backdrop of mani walls and chortens is a pleasant way to spend the afternoon. This evening, you’ll return to your guesthouse to spend the night. Today’s breakfast, lunch, and dinner are included.

Day 11 - Samagaon to Samdo (3690m/12103ft); Walking Distance: 8.1 km, Duration: 3-4 hours

Sit down to a final breakfast in Samagaon as the sun rises over the majestic massif of the Mansiri Himal. When you’re ready to begin your morning hike, you’ll cross sprawling pastures and gradually descend to the Budhi Gandaki river valley below town. You’ll pass a number of mani walls as you hike through forests of birch and juniper here. Mountain views are also excellent on this part of the trail; Manaslu looms directly ahead as you approach the village of Samdo. This remote settlement is populated by Tibetan refugees and is located just a day’s walk from the Tibetan border. You’ll spend the night in one of the guesthouses here, but you should have plenty of time to explore the village before turning in. Climbing the hills behind Samdo will reward you with a good look at the Himalayan peaks of Hiunchuli and Ngadi Chuli, among others. Today’s breakfast, lunch, and dinner are included.

Day 12 - Samdo to Dharmasala (4450m/14596ft); Walking Distance: 6.6 km, Duration: 4-5 hours

Today’s trek begins by taking a wooden bridge over the Budhi Gandaki and beginning to climb, crossing a couple of smaller streams near the massive Larkya Glacier. It’s here that you’ll find the seasonally active little community of Larkya Bazaar. Thanks to its location near the border, the town was once an important center of trade and commerce between Tibet and Nepal. After passing through the village and beginning a steady climb along the Sarka Khola valley, you’ll arrive at Dharmasala. Also known as Larkya Phedi, Dharmasala consists of little more than a basic guesthouse and an assortment of campsites—but it also has a few interesting mani walls, and its views of Larkya Peak and Manaslu are hard to beat. After admiring the scenery, you’ll spend the night in the guesthouse here. Make sure to get lots of rest tonight; you’ll be reaching the highest point on the entire Manaslu Trek tomorrow. Today’s breakfast, lunch, and dinner are included.

Day 13 - Dharmasala to Bhimphedi (3590m/11775ft) via Larkya La Pass (5,106m/16748ft); Walking Distance: 24.5 km, Duration: 8-9 hours

This morning, you’ll begin the most epic day of the Manaslu Circuit Trek. Your goal is to reach the village of Bhimphedi by crossing the high-altitude pass called Larkya La; the route should take approximately eight or nine hours to complete. You’ll begin by ascending a ridge, earning great views over the valley. Larkya Peak and Cho Danda are especially magnificent from this vantage point. As you continue to hike, you’ll start to cross the moraines of the Larkya Glacier. This path will lead you directly to the incredible Larkya La. The pass itself is located at an altitude of about 5106 meters; from here, you’ll enjoy a panoramic view of multiple 7,000-meter mountains. Himlung Himal, Cheo Himal, and Annapurna II are just a few of the snowcapped giants visible from the pass. When you’ve finished admiring this unbelievable landscape, you’ll begin the steep climb down from Larkya La. Your descent will take you across additional moraines before bringing you into lower-altitude pastures, where you’ll find the village of Bhimphedi. Also known as Bimthang, the town is situated on a flat meadow surrounded by towering mountains. You’ll overnight in a guesthouse here; today’s breakfast, lunch, and dinner are included.

Day 14 - Bhimphedi to Tilje (2300m/7544ft); Walking Distance: 26 km, Duration: 8-9 hours

After enjoying breakfast with sunrise views of Manaslu, Cheo Himal, and Lamjung Himal, you’ll start today’s hike by descending through wide pastures to the riverbed of the Dudh Khola. Cross the river on a wooden bridge; the trail soon begins to climb alongside terraced paddies before reaching Karche La. This mountain pass is perhaps not quite as spectacular as Larkya La, but it does afford excellent views of the path you’ll soon be taking. From here, you can see the Marsyangdi river winding through a forested valley far below. Descending from Karche La, you’ll pass through this forest of rhododendron and fir trees. You’ll soon spot the village of Tilje nestled against a steep hillside. This will be your stopping point for today’s hike. Overnight at a guesthouse here; breakfast, lunch, and dinner today are included.


Day 15 - Tilje to Chamje (1410m/4625ft); Walking Distance: 19.4 km, Duration: 6-7 hours

Your last day of hiking on the Manaslu Circuit Trek begins with a climb over a small ridge just past Tilje; the trail here is paved with stones as it leads you through a beautiful village. You’ll take a bridge across the Dudh Khola river before passing through a chorten-shaped archway and following a mani wall to the village of Thonje. After crossing the Marsyangdi river, you’ll ascend to the village of Dharapani, where your trail merges with the traditional Annapurna trekking circuit. You’ll register with a police checkpoint here before moving on through the nearby settlement of Karta. Past the town, you’ll need to cross the Marsyangdi one more time before reaching another village called Tal. Situated at the foot of a large waterfall and lined with mani walls, Tal is a scenic place to take a break; in fact, many trekkers choose to spend the night here. You’ll push on a little further to descend to Chamje village instead, which allows you to escape some of the crowd. You’ll overnight in a guesthouse here in Chamje. Today’s breakfast, lunch, and dinner are included.


Day 16 - Drive from Chamje to Kathmandu by Private Vehicle; Distance: 215 km, Duration 8-9 hours

Your unforgettable journey along the Manaslu Trek has now come to its conclusion. After breakfast in Chamje, you’ll be transported to Besisahar. This bustling town serves as a trekking gateway to the Annapurnas, so it’s likely that you’ll encounter more than a few fresh-faced hikers getting ready for their own adventures here.

From Besisahar, you’ll enjoy transportation in a private vehicle back to Kathmandu. This route descends through the Marsyangdi river valley and joins the main road connecting Kathmandu with Pokhara. The entire route should take approximately eight or nine hours, and it’s a great opportunity to get one last look at Nepal’s timeless rural landscapes along the way. When you’ve arrived in Kathmandu, you’ll check in at your hotel to enjoy a hot shower and well-deserved nap. This evening, you can visit the restaurants and markets of Kathmandu for a final time. Today’s breakfast and lunch are included.

Day 17 - Departure

We hope you’ve enjoyed your time on the Manaslu Circuit Trek during your visit to Nepal. This morning, you’ll have one last included breakfast in Kathmandu before it’s time to say farewell.

A representative from Nepal Hiking Team will take you to Tribhuvan International Airport approximately three hours before your flight’s scheduled departure. We can’t wait to welcome you back for your next adventure!

Cost Includes

  • All ground transportation by private vehicle including airport transfers
  • Three nights’ accommodation with breakfast at a 3-star category hotel in Kathmandu
  • Kathmandu city tours including all entry fees, tour guide and private vehicle
  • Full board meals with tea/coffee (breakfast, lunch and dinner) during the trek
  • Best available twin sharing lodge to lodge accommodation during the trek
  • One highly experienced, helpful and friendly guide, porter (1 porter for 2 people) and their food, accommodation, salary, equipment, and accidental insurance for all staff
  • Manaslu trekking special permit fee (Manaslu region is in restricted zone, we need a special permit to visit this area)
  • TIMS Fee- Trekkers' Information Management System (Please bring 2 passport size photos for permit)
  • Annapurna and Manaslu conservation fees
  • First aid medical kit with provision of Oximeter to monitor oxygen level and heartbeat
  • Government taxes and office service charge

Cost Excludes

  • Meals not specified in the 'Meal Inclusions' in the itinerary'
  • Travel insurance
  • International airfare
  • Nepal entry visa: you can obtain a visa easily upon your arrival at Tribhuwan International Airport in Kathmandu. (a multiple-entry tourist visa good for 30 days can be obtained by paying US $ 40 or equivalent foreign currency. Similarly, multiple-entry tourist visas for 90 days can be obtained by paying US $ 100. Please bring 2 copies of passport-size photos.)
  • Drinks coke, Fanta, juice, water etc.
  • snacks and other personal expenses
  • Hot shower during the trek
  • Personal trekking equipment
  • Tips and gratuities for trekking staff and drivers

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The set departure dates listed are specially quoted and specified for group joining option. Let us know if the set departure dates are not suitable for you- another dates which are suitable for you can certainly be added by us.

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Meredith Thurstans , Australia

We had an absolutely wonderful experience with Nepal Hiking Team. They were very professional and helpful from the first email enquiry sent to them. Every question we had was answered promptly and courteously.

We missed our connecting flight from Kuala Lumpur through to Kathmandu, and were delayed by a full day. Ganga and his team rescheduled our trip without any problem to us at all. They were amazing. Every time we ended a trek we were met by Ganga, regardless of the time of day.

The guide we had for our Kathmandu tour, was extremely knowledgeable and informative and there were certainly a lot of interesting things to see and do in Kathmandu.

We then proceeded on our Manaslu Circuit Trek with our guide Bim and our 3 porters. I can’t recommend Nepal Hiking Team highly enough. The guides and porters were informative, helpful, observant, and fun as well. The trek was definitely an experience of a lifetime; I would highly recommend it. The Larkya La Pass was at times strenuous, but Bim and our porters made sure that we were safe, had no altitude sickness and we were able to complete this challenging feat.

After our Manaslu Circuit trek, we spent a day traveling back to Kathmandu and then headed off to our Everest Panorama Trek. Once again, Bim our guide accompanied us, we certainly could not have negotiated our way through the ticketing and confusion of Kathmandu airport and upon our arrival we were greeted by our new porters. Our trek in the Everest region was wonderful, although more touristy than Manaslu.

The efforts of our guide and porters were definitely appreciated, they certainly helped in every way that they could, even helping us sterilize water through a mechanical filter. They were very flexible with our accommodation and every request however small was accommodated with a smile. Our guide was an experienced trekker, had a really great sense of humor, and an in depth knowledge of the areas that we were trekking in.

Nepal Hiking Team come with my very highest recommendation.

Martin Van Lonkhuijzen , Netherlands

My wife and I cannot thank enough the team and members of Nepal Hiking Team for one of the best treks and fun times we had! From the first contact till the last farewell at the airport, everything was just so comfortable and amazing. The manager of the agency- Mr. Ganga, was precise and fast with the services, and great at solving any problems on the spot. He was always in contact with us throughout the trip, and made everything so easy by sharing lots of ideas. But the most praise that the agency deserves is on the aspect when my wife got sick during trekking. Mr. Ganga and our guide- Gokarna, acted fast and showed proper care and attention. They arranged a helicopter pick up, which arrived fast, and when my wife and I arrived in Kathmandu- Mr. Ganga was there waiting with the ambulance to take her to the hospital. It is my belief that only once you get sick and need help, that is the time you learn weather or not you are with a good travel agency or not, and surely we had the very best! 

Furthermore, the whole Manaslu Trek (beside my wife getting sick), was just as fantastic and lovely- thanks to our trusted guide Gokarna and the porters that we had. Gokarna was extremely helpful and made sure that we were comfortable all along the way at all times. Our porters were also simply the best- always smiling and cheery and happy to be there with us. Gokarna as well as the guide were really the ones who added a touch of homeliness to the trip, and made us feel like we made the right choice going with Nepal Hiking Team. It was a great and unforgettable trip that I would definitely recommend and go with again myself in the future. The attentiveness and the care that we were shown and the services we received were nothing short of the best! 

Nepal Hiking Team is a company that really shows their care and concern for the customers in the services that they provide and the treatment of the customers like family rather than just paying tenants. My experience with them was a heartfelt experience and both me and my wife are thankful to everyone at the company for making us really enjoy our stay and for giving us the help when my wife got sick. All in all, Nepal Hiking Team is the #1 Travel Agency in Nepal