No Guide, No Treks in Nepal- Nepal Tourism Board

No Guide, No Treks in Nepal- Nepal Tourism Board

3rd March 2023: On 28 February 2023, a joint meeting was held between the Nepal Tourism Board and the Trekking Agency Association of Nepal. After a thorough discussion, they came to an ultimate agreement and decided only to allow foreign nationals to travel freely with a guide or porter.

Previously in October 2022, the officials had decided to close down the Free Individual Trekker, also known as FIT. However, the plan was ineffective as the board did not pass a joint implementation on the plan. Now, the board has given a green flag, and this new rule will be effective from April 2023 throughout Nepal.

When asked about the reason behind the new implementation of this rule, Chandra Rizal, the Vice President of the Nepal Tourism Board, added some words. He explained that the board had taken this decision due to an increase in the number of tourists who reported injuries and even death. Mr. Rizal further added that the rescue mission operated difficult while searching for the solo hikers.

“This decision will help rescue injured and sick tourists who are missing. Tourists are protected,” Rizal said. “We have taken this decision because Nepal has become infamous at the international level due to the death of tourists who went of their own accord.”

This new rule was implemented because the Tourism Board of Nepal prioritizes the safety of the travelers who visit Nepal every year.


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