Regarding Second Wave of Covid

The current scenario of Nepal is the tragic scene that was the initial picture of what India was about to face. And unfortunately, Nepal repeated the same fate. The second wave of COVID has hit Nepal, imposing another stressful lockdown on the working force.

Over the last few weeks, Nepal has been hit by a new wave of coronavirus, which has emerged in a sudden rise in the number of new infections and deaths. The rapid spread of diseases has put a significant strain on Nepal’s already stressed and dilapidated health system.

The nation currently has 57 times as many cases as it did a month earlier, and the infected rate — the number of individuals who are screened and shown to have the virus — is around 45 percent, up from approximately 25 percent two weeks ago.

The current scenario has overwhelmed the country as just a few weeks ago, everything was normal, and nobody anticipated this fate. The crematoriums are overwhelmed with dead bodies and hospitals with a rising number of patients and insignificant resources.

Given the current status of Nepal, government officials and local health experts decided to impose prohibitory orders in an attempt to break the chain of infection. The prohibitory orders were starting from 29 April until 12 May. But, as the situation continued going only worse, the authorities decided to extend till 31 May 2021.

With lockdown, the country has also banned international flights until 31 May 2021. Initially, authorities were not intending to suspend international flights but later decided to refuse the service for the time being. However, charter flights are still allowed.

Similarly, as the lockdown was sudden, quite a number of tourists were stranded in Nepal. All domestic flights from Monday midnight and all international flights from Wednesday midnight were halted until 31 May. Moreover, with international charter flight is still in operation for foreigners stuck in Kathmandu, domestic flights to be in process for travelers stuck in a different part of Nepal.

Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal is arranging repatriation flights in coordination with foreign embassies and airlines.

Similarly, Nepal was not expecting current scenes because only a few months away, the government has allowed travelers to enter Nepal without imposing mandatory quarantine rule. But now, with the present scenario, officials have again implemented restrictions on travelers entering Nepal from any entry points.

Despite all the chaos happening in the country, the vaccination drive in Nepal is going strong. Almost one million people are inoculated with vaccination, and the government is continuing its campaign to vaccinate all the citizens.

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