Update Regarding Second Wave of COVID

Update Regarding Second Wave of COVID

Late April, Nepal started facing the second wave of COVID, leading the country to go on another lockdown. The government of Nepal officially stated lockdown from 29 April, and it went strictly for over two months. However, with the country showing positive results in late June, the ongoing lockdown was eased. With the resumption of service business, the government officially resumed flights and long-distance transportation services, among many other services.

The current situation of Nepal is normal to what it was before 2 months ago. As the country is reporting fewer cases, most businesses have open however with certain restrictions. The authorities are still monitoring the situation; thus, movement is not entirely open.

Likewise, Nepal is also effectively operating a vaccination drive. So far, the government has been vaccinating people based on their age and other groups most at risk like frontline health workers, journalists, those working in banks and financial institutions, and people’s representatives. Migrant workers are also being vaccinated as destination countries bar entry to unvaccinated workers.

To date, 2,999,214 have taken the first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine, and of them, 1,129,908 have taken both doses, according to the Health Ministry’s data.

From 1 July, the ministry of civil aviation also resumed domestic flight with 50 percent seat occupancy. And as per the international flight, it was continued from 24 June. However, only a limited number of flights are currently being operated. Nonetheless, more regular flights will open in the coming days. With the resumption of flight services, tourism is open as well. However, it is nothing like before, as new travelers will have to stay in mandatory seven-day quarantine before commencing their tour.

Similarly, since 18 July, long-distance bus routes were also allowed with a limited number of passengers. Short route transportation services were resumed a week ago.

Even after most services are in operation now. Yet, to curb the chances of the third wave, the country has still manifested a ban on public gatherings, rallies, and close businesses that attract crowds. The prohibitory orders notice states that barbershops, beauty parlors, and gyms will remain closed during the period of restrictions. With that, the academic institution also remains shut thus academic administrations are using the alternative medium.

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