Tibet allures more than thousands of visitors every year via its cultural glories-the magnificent monasteries and attractive natural sets. Tibet is also named as ‘the roof of the world’ and has a lot of options to fascinate visitors

Especially, in Lhasa, one can visit ancient Sera monastery and the eye-catching Norbulingka palace built in the 17th century which holds the largest garden in Tibet. We can also see the sights around Jokhang Temple, one of the holy shrines. Moreover, visiting Potala Palace reconstructed in the 17th century and Drepung Monastery the largest monastery on the earth are another highlight of Tibet.

Besides, traversing Khampa La pass (15,700-ft) and witnessing the stunning views of Yamdrok Lake, eye-catching peak of Ningdzingzonka will truly mesmerize you. We can explore Pelkor Monastery Natang Monastery and Sakya Monastery etc. and walk across high passes Gyamtso La (5220m), Shung La pass (5200m) and Lalung La pass (5124m) which presents adventurous experience and unforgettable views.

You will also get the chance to trek to Lake Mansarovar, the world’s highest freshwater lake set in hidden Humla valley and the wonderful views of Mt Kailash considered holy by various religions like Buddhists, Jains, Hindus, and Bon will also captivate you.  Visiting monasteries such as Laikyo and Lhundrup Choeling, Dhungkar Choezom Monastery and traversing one of the high passes- Nara La pass (4,620m) also mesmerizes any one. Top of all, strolling to the Everest Base Camp and witnessing the north face of Mount Everest is just awesome.

Nepal Hiking Team can arrange any tour to Tibet as per your interest to let you savor the major lures of Tibet. Apart from enjoying the exquisiteness of Tibet, you may also partake in Buddhist religious practices in monasteries, meet local Tibetans and get to know there culture

Available Packages

Kailash tours

Duration: 13 days

Kailash Mansarovar Tours

A trip to Kailash Manasarovar is an intense spiritual experience. The Mount Kailash along with the holy Manasarovar Lake is…

US$ 1,860
Tibet tours

Duration: 12 days

Lhasa Everest Base Camp

Lhasa Everest Base Camp Tour is one of the fantastic tours to the northern Everest Base Camp in Tibet. It…

US$ 2,550

Duration: 13 days

Nepal Tibet Bhutan Tours

A package carefully designed to please all the culture and nature lovers who do not get content with anything less.…

US$ 3,550

Duration: 18 days

Simikot Kailash Zhangmu

Simikot Kailash Zhangmu Tour is an extraordinary experience that takes you to some overwhelming landscapes, exotic cities and artistic monasteries.

US$ 3,500

Duration: 14 days

Saga Dawa Festival Tour

Saga Dawa Festival Tour is a festival celebrated by the non-Tibetan Buddhists in the honor of life of Buddha.

US$ 3,500

Duration: 20 days

Everest Advanced Base Camp

Everest Advanced Base Camp Trek Tibet is probably one of the awesome tours with a perfect blend of scenery and…

US$ 6,150

Duration: 22 days

Simikot Kailash Lhasa Tour

Simikot Kailash Tour is a holy adventure tour that takes you to the roof of the world. It leads you…

US$ 4,200

Duration: 4 days

Glimpse of Tibet Tours

Glimpse of Tibet tours offers you with some of the most amazing sceneries around the world.

US$ 650
Tibet Everest Base Camp

Duration: 8 days

Tibet Everest Base Camp Tour

Tibet Everest Base Camp Overland Tour package is designed in such a way that you can visit all the main…

US$ 2,950
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