Multi Country Tours

We get seldom opportunities to get away from our routinely life and enjoy the magnificence that several corners of world possesses. Simply saying, beauty of nature resides in the blue sky, azure lakes, dense forests, lush hills, cold mountains and the wavy seas and oceans. The actual excitement lies when we can admire the beauty of nature with efforts. Therefore, our multi country tours offer wild and cold mountains are always in the top charts when it comes to experiencing the wilderness in nature. What if the authentic, unique and diversified culture and lifestyle of people are added as a flavour?

Nepal Hiking Team presents you some exciting packages under Multi country tours to experience the major attractions of the neighbouring nations. Generally, Nepal, India, Tibet and Bhutan are the countries included under our multi country tours. As they lie in the same regions, they share some similar landscapes and natural beauty but have their own unique culture that they have preserved since the civilization.

Opting out for multi country tours helps you visit all the neighbouring nations and experience their major attractions avoiding the hectic and time consuming immigration formalities and other service attaining activities. We offer you the best available accommodations and food wherever you go. You neither need to worry about air tickets, road transports or hotels. We will manage everything. You just need to sit back and enjoy your tour. Our crews in Tibet and Bhutan are also as experienced as us therefore friendly and joyful environment will always be maintained.

Available Packages


Darjeeling and Bhutan Tour

USD 2,080
Duration: 14 days
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