10 Best Things to do in 2020

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10 Best Things to do in 2020

The New Year 2020 is here and with the New Year comes new adventures. Every year we make resolutions and plan for something better and bigger. There is no better way to create an unforgettable year than by travelling. Travel is a sense of freedom and a learning experience. Travelling includes indulging in new activities, exploration and learning. You learn about the world, about yourself and about life. It is much more than what people think it is. To immerse in the beauty of the nature and learn new cultures is a new experience. Sometimes it is better to step away from the internet and the social media lifestyle to indulge in the life of serenity and peace. With the rich nature, bio diversity, Himalayas, culture, religion and landscapes, Nepal is perfect to achieve your 2020 adventure. To make your new year an unforgettable experience, make sure to do these 10 things below. These 10 things to do in 2020 is sure to sparkle your holidays and create a memory of a lifetime.

#1 Trekking in Nepal

10 best things to do in Nepal - Trekking

On our list of the top 10 best things to do in 2020 is trekking. Nepal is a popular trekking destination. The land of Himalayas is the home to the highest mountain of the world, Mount Everest. Being a rich nation of mountains, this country is affordable. You are able to trek in the highest of the mountains in a budget. Once you start your trekking journey in the beautiful Himalayas of Nepal, you’ll want more. Nepal is home to astounding base cams such as Everest, Annapurna, Kanchenjunga, Mardi and many other. The trekking destinations in Nepal includes Everest, Annapurna, Manaslu, Langtang, Mardi, Mustang and others. Each destination brings about variety of natural, cultural and historical significance. One of the most significant factor of trekking in Nepal is learning about the ethnicities, rural life, Sherpa lifestyle, mountainous lifestyle away from the modernization. If you want to take some time off your monotonous life then trekking in Nepal is the best way to do it. It’ll take you to the remote areas of Nepal where you can explore and learn something new each day


20 Reasons to Visit Nepal | 10 best things to do in Nepal

Nepal is a culturally rich country which is home to 8 World Heritage Sites. The religions in practice in Nepal are Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam and others. All the religions live together in harmony. Most significantly Kathmandu Durbar Square, Swoyambhunath Temple, Bouddhanath Temples, Patan Durbar Square, Pashupatinath Temple and Bhaktapur Durbar Square are well known destinations. Exploring the world heritage sites will provide you information on the history, culture and traditions in prevalence since several years ago. For instance, Newar is one of the ethnicity of Nepal. Their architectures and traditions depicts in their art and festivities. Newars have their own language, tradition, food, festivities and art. Their festivities include Bisket Jatra which is one of the huge festival of Nepal. Their distinct food includes yomari, baara and others. There are further several ethnicities you can learn and experience in person.


Lobuche Peak Climbing - 10 best things to do in Nepal

Nepal is home to numbers of Himalayas. Without a doubt peak climbing is one of the best adventures Nepal has to offer and one of our 10 best things to do in 2020. It is suitable for experienced as well as beginners interested in the expedition. There are peak climbing expeditions Island Peak, Mera Peak and Thapru Chuli Peak to name some. Thousands of mountaineers from around the globe visit Nepal solely for this adventure. It is one of the strenuous activity yet just as worthwhile. So, Peak Climbing is an excellent adventure activity to provide you the thrill, adventure and accomplishment you seek for. It is more than constant ascending and descending. It requires a lot of endurance and physical ability. Nepal Hiking Team professionally organizes special climbing sessions. You have the flexibility to



One of the best feature of Nepal is its wildlife. As Nepal has climate variety from tropical to arctic, a large variety of animals, birds and plants call Nepal their home. Wildlife plays a huge role in the tourism sector. One of the unique species of Nepal is the spiny babbler. To preserve such delicate and diverse range of wildlife, there are several national parks such as Chitwan National Park, Sagarmatha National Park, Bardia National Park and others. Here, you are able to enjoy the everyday life of the animals and explore the dense forests. One of the ways is through wildlife safari. It lets you enjoy the forests and encounter endangered animals like Bengal Tiger and one horned rhino. You can either go on a jeep safari or an elephant ride through the jungle. Get a closer look at the everyday life of the animals and how they are take care of. This is a wonderful activity taking you closer to natural life of the animals.



When travelling to Nepal make sure you enjoy the adventure activities it has to offer. They will surely a fine touch to your trip. Nepal is the second richest country in terms of water resources so this makes white water rafting a whole lot of fun. It is an adventurous activity which provides you an experience of rapid white water currents. It provides you an opportunity to enjoy the sport at the same time adorn the scenic landscapes of Nepal. You can see the villages, Himalayas and greenery as you white water raft through the river. You can enjoy it with a group of people and together enjoy the rhythm of water. Yet, it can get dangerous at times so make sure to follow the precautions to be enjoy with safety.


If you want to experience the authentic traditional lifestyle of the Nepalese society then you should definitely go on village tours. It is a best opportunity to enjoy the life that is away from the modernization and seems like frozen in time. More than 70% of Nepalese population is dependent on agriculture. This shows the majority of rural lifestyle prevalent in this country. Take some time out of your mundane lifestyle to experience something new. No internet, no social media and no connection to the world. You’ll be with the nature and new experiences. Village life will provide you an essence of their ethnic traditions in person. You can learn about their culture, locality, lifestyle, food and festivities. As Nepal is ethnically rich country there are hundreds of ethnicity. You can choose which ethnicity you wish to explore and you can visit their settlement. If you want to experience the Tharu lifestyle, Chitwan is the place to go and if you want to get to know Sherpas a bit better Khumbu region is the one.



A mountain flight is an opportunity to see beyond your imagination. The Himalayas of Nepal are unlike you have ever seen. You get to experience the point of view of a bird. Through a mountain flight you will enjoy the beauty of world’s highest mountains like Mount Everest. Nepal is home of 8 of the highest Himalayas of the world so your choices are endless. To get an experience of a mountain is easy, you’ll have to get a ticket and then go on a flight through the Himalayas. You get an aerial view of the beautiful mountains, the glaciers and lakes at a high altitude. If you want to experience the mountains in a short amount of time then mountain flight is the perfect option for you. For some people, trekking can seem extreme and strenuous. So, through a mountain flight you can enjoy the Himalayas up close and without any strenuous activity.


Mountain biking is one of the adventure sports which is extreme yet exciting. The beautiful landscapes with Himalayas, villages, blue sky, icy peaks and animals deserve an experience up close. The best way to do it is through mountain biking. It is one of the fastest growing outdoor activity of Nepal. The evolution of biking in Nepal is happening steadily. The trails are endless which are waiting for some explorers to discover. You can bike through the rugged areas enjoying the wild and authentic beauty of the nation. You can mountain bike through the Kathmandu valley and Pokhara. Or, if you want to go on something extreme then try the Annapurna circuit, Mustang and Low Everest region. Each of these destination is bound to provide you an authentic feeling of experiencing the region’s local life and wilderness up close. Go on an adventure to the remote and restricted area to experience the rich culture, nature and the settlements.


Top 5 Best Heli Treks in Nepal

Helicopter tours are the perfect initiative to get an exclusive experience of Nepal’s nature and remote areas. Trekking can surely get difficult and tiring. So, if you want to enjoy the rugged destinations then do so in the comfort of a Helicopter tour. You can experience the picturesque landscapes, the snow topped mountains, glaciers, lakes, ethnic village settlements and a 360 degree view of the beautiful landscape. It will certainly be an unforgettable experience to enjoying the heli ride through nature’s etherealness. It is a great way to explore the Himalayas. If you have a limited time to enjoy your tour but want to make the best of it with comfort then do so with a Helicopter ride. Enjoy the scenic flights filled with aerial views of the glistening mountains, national parks, cities, forests and lakes.



Adventure activities in Nepal are for the explorers. This is the best destination for different kinds of adventure activities such as paragliding, bungee, zip line, ultra-light flight, rock climbing, trekking, rafting and others. You can paraglide and enjoy the beautiful landscaped of the Phewa lake, the mountains and the greenery of Pokhara. If you want something extreme, you can Bungee over the 160m Bhote Koshi River. Similarly, you can ultra-light flight in Pokhara and enjoy the mountains and the lakes of the ever so beautiful city. There are other different adventure activities like zip line, rafting, and others which will make your holiday more adventurous and memorable.

With Visit Nepal 2020 and the New Year joy, there is so much this country has to offer. From the cultural significance to the adventure hidden within, it’s up to you to explore. If you’re looking for an amazing 2020, make sure to tick off the above 10 things from your bucket list. Enjoy your year to the fullest and make your days count! Have a happy and an adventurous 2020!

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