Nepal at a Glance

Nepal at Glance, sharpen your I.Q! Know about the basics of Nepal!

Area of Nepal

Nepal covers an area of 147,181 around the globe amongst which 143,151 is land and 4000 sq. km is water.

Capital city

The renowned – Kathmandu city.

Population of Nepal

As per census survey of UN conducted in 2010, the population of Nepal is 27.8 million.

Life Expectancy

68 years for men and 70 years for women

Geographical Location

Nepal is a landlocked country therefore there is no any direct access to Nepal through water route. It lies in between two powerful nations India and China. China lies to north while India lies to east, west and south of Nepal. Nepal shares an open border with India. Nepal’s    geography varies as we move from flat plains in Terai to lush hills to towering mountains in the mountainous region. Amongst ten highest peaks in the world, Nepal owns eight!


Nepal is a multicultural and multilingual nation. However, the national language of the country is Nepal. But as you travel to the different regions of Nepal, you will find variety in language, culture and lifestyle of people.


The climate of Nepal can be classified into four different types:

  • September – November is considered as autumn season.
  • December – February is considered as winter season.
  • March – May is considered as spring season.
  • June – August is considered as summer season.

People and religion

You will be a wide variation in Nepal when it comes to people and religion. However, people can be distinctly divided into two types Indo – Aryans and Mangoloids (Kirat). Going through the history of Nepal, Nepal was a sole Hindu kingdom in the world before 2007 A.D. However, it was turned to a secular state since then. But the population of Hindu people is exceptionally high than that of other religion. Besides, Hinduism, the influence of Buddhism is also major. Considered as the birthplace of Buddha, the influence of Buddhism is high in the mountainous regions of Nepal. The influence of Christianity and Muslims can also be seen. People of different religion and culture live in harmony.

Currency/ Foreign currency exchange

The currency of Nepal is Nepali Rupees. The Nepali rupee comes in the denominations of NRs.1, NRs. 2, NRs.5, NRs.10, NRs.20, NRs.50, NRs.100, NRs.500 and NRs.1000. For NRs.1 and NRs. 2, coins come in use frequently than notes.

You can exchange your currency in to Nepalese rupees at the counter in airport. You can also exchange it through banks or other authorized foreign exchange counters in Nepal. For the reference of exchange rate, you can visit the website of Nepal Rastra Bank, the central bank of Nepal.

Monetary unit

1NRs = 100 paisa

GNI per capita

USD 480 (As per the census survey of 2010 conducted by World Bank)

Main Exports

Nepal exports carpets, clothing garments, leather goods, jute goods and other handmade items.

Internet domain


Telephone/ Postal code


Is Nepal Safe to Travel

The only question that everyone has in their mind right now is “Is Nepal Safe to travel?” Because of the concern on the devastation that earthquake brings, the focus it gets; the scenario has been made larger than what the actual situation is. Since, the Government of Nepal, Ministry of culture, Tourism and Civil aviation…

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Recommended Medical Kit

This is the basic list to cover the more common ailments that affect trekkers. Climbing groups, expeditions and trekkers going to isolated areas will need a more comprehensive kit. Sphygmomanometer (Blood pressure Instrument) Syringes (20 ml, 10 ml) Hot water bottle Pen and writing pad Stethoscope Thermometer Matchbox Splints Scissors Tongue blades Pen light Cervical…

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Recommended Flights

Nepal is well connected by commercial airline services to the rest of the world. How to reach Nepal does not pose a problem to travelers coming via India and South East Asia. How to reach Nepal is not a problem. How to leave is! – because the stunning natural scenery of Nepal acts as a…

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Travel Insurance

Precaution is always better than cure. Travel Insurance is mandatory for all customers looking to travel in Nepal with the Nepal Hiking Team. The Travel Insurance must cover both the medical and emergency evacuation cost. We recommend that your insurance is worth a minimum of USD 100,000. The beauty of the Himalayas comes with great…

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Trip Grade

Which trek suits you the most? Nature has always been kind to its lovers and admirers. It has always been ready to offer them with whatever it has for them to shower with. But it is up to us how much we can take it! How much we can endeavor! Owning varieties of beautiful landscapes…

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How to Book Your Tours

Before making your booking please make sure that you have read the relevant tour itinerary on our website, you should also read our Terms & Conditions. It is important that you choose a tour that is suitable to your experience and abilities. Should you have any question, concern, please do not hesitate to contact us…

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Best Trekking Season

Choice of season for your trekking journey plays a vital role in determining how memorable and awesome your trek might be. Some people ruin their journey due to the bad choice of season while some get a chance to endeavour the beauty of Himalayas, lush hills, valleys, rivers and other landscape at its fullest. Generally,…

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Flight Cancellation

Owning to its demanding geographical location and climatic variation, the domestic flights in Nepal are mostly prone to flight delays and cancellation. As the Tribhuwan International Airport in Nepal doesn’t have the technology of Instrumental Landing System, the adverse weather conditions like heavy rain, thick fog, strong winds, etc. may lead to flight delays and…

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Equipment Checklist

Already booked a trekking package to the mountains of Nepal and still wondering about the essential equipment for your trekking journey? We are pleased to offer our checklist for your references. You can make necessary amendments to our checklist as per your need and convenience. In case, you couldn’t get any of the following listed…

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Nepal Visa

If you are wondering about how to obtain Nepal visa, then the easiest way to obtain it is at the Tribhuwan International Airport upon your arrival in Nepal or else at the immigration entry point if you are entering through the border of India or Tibet. Note: There are few countries namely Nigeria, Ghana, Afghanistan,…

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