Saturday, 01 July 2017

A beautiful adventure in the mountains

It was my third time visiting Nepal, on early March of 2017. This time, I was with my brother. Nepal Hiking Team was suggested to us by a friend who had done trekking with the agency before, so we went with the suggestion and booked the Everest Base Camp Trek with them. The positive thing about NHT was that they were very timely and punctual with the mails and information. My queries were answered and any information that I wanted was provided with gusto. Upon arrival in Nepal, me and my brother were welcomed at the airport with flower garlands and silk scarves. I think that was kind and it brought us a feeling of warmth. We had a certain level of expectation from the agency regarding the services and our expectations were met above and beyond. When the guide introduced himself to us, we knew that we were in good hands. Arun, our guide, was trustworthy and reliable. His company was welcoming and made us feel secure. The trekking journey itself was amazing. Walking through the mountains with my brother was an experience that I really cherish. Waiting around on the small tea-house at Namche for our tea, and then sitting at the tables with the million dollar view of Mount Everest right across the crevasse at the Everest View Hotel was a spectacular moment. The town of Namche tucked away so snugly against the side of the mountain seen from the Syangboche Airport made the whole journey an adventure that is certainly not found anywhere else on the planet. The charm of the Nepali people, their warm hospitality, the country’s unique culture and tradition and the display of the country’s mountainous beauty is more than enough to garner a visit and we are glad that we did the trek with Nepal Hiking Team. The beauty of the place aside, the services that we got with the agency, like the arrangement of the trek, the customized itinerary, the guesthouse accommodation, the food and the porter and guide services, everything was organized and done with the utmost care and brilliance. We had communication access to Mr. Ganga at all times back at the office for any changes or re-scheduling of the trip, but luckily, we did not have to re-arrange it. While trekking, we had the pleasure of meeting many other trekkers too. The Everest Base Camp Trek was a brilliantly organized success and we are glad that we decided to go ahead with Nepal Hiking Team. Truly, we could not have expected more and we were immensely satisfied and happy with what we got and the care we were given. We were reassured and encouraged. The beauty of the place was in full effect and we felt extremely lucky to have such an adventure with the best people. Our gratitude and thanks goes to Nepal Hiking Team.

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