7 Best Short Treks in Nepal

Tuesday, 31 January 2017

7 Best Short Treks in Nepal

Nepal being a little kaleidoscope of diversity has lots to offer in terms of motley collections of people who follow a vast medley of cultures and traditions, unprecedented heterogeneity in landscape and absolutely beguiling natural surroundings. We will be explaining and discussing seven of the very best short treks to do in Nepal, suitable for…

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Sunday, 08 January 2017

Januarys in Kathmandu

The Januarys are cold and crisp in Nepal, especially in the capital, where the mornings are greeted with fog and mist, and we can see our breath when we look out the window into the city. A perfect time to snuggle in the warm duvets with hot coffee (or tea or chocolate!) with a book.…

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Bhoto Jatra

Monday, 02 January 2017

The legend of The Bhoto Jatra

Before we begin the story, you might want to know what a “Bhoto” is, yes. Well, it’s a vest. “Bhoto” in Nepali translates to “a vest”. “Jatra” means “Festival”. And so, you will read the story of the festival of vest. Yes, you read that correctly, we have a festival for a vest here, and…

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